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Linda Naughton has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. She is the author of several novels, children’s books, and the blog Self-Rescuing Princesses. A proud geek and gamer girl, she enjoys sci-fi, disaster movies, and role-playing games. She is a software engineer, paramedic, and mother of two.

That’s the official author blurb, but talking about myself in the third person always felt really weird so let’s drop that now.

I grew up loving science fiction and adventure stories, but even as a young girl I was struck by the gender gap in those genres. Sure, there would often be a token female character–usually a love interest, but only rarely were those characters well-rounded and allowed to contribute significantly to the story. In my stories, I try to emphasize gender equality. Not just “strong female characters”, but heroes that both my daughter and my son can look up to.

Many of my stories feature medical professionals. My interest in medicine started at an early age, fueled by TV shows like Emergency and ER. I worked as a volunteer EMT/Paramedic for about 20 years, in addition to my day job working with healthcare software.

Gaming has always been a big part of my life. Playing a role-playing game is like writing a novel with your friends. My professional writing career started when I was a freelance author for FASA Corporation, working on Shadowrun and Crimson Skies. RPGs remain near and dear to my heart. I have also done a ton of technical writing for work and freelance projects, web design, etc. Basically I just love to write, no matter the venue.

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